Postharvest food losses: creating poor family farmers!

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In Nigeria, an alarming 45 per cent(750,000 tons) of tomatoes harvested in the country is lost due to poor Food Supply Chain (FSC) management; price instability resulting from seasonal fluctuation in production and the supply preference of farmers and middlemen for urban markets than processors due to low farm gate prices.”

“60% of fruit and vegetable are lost due to poor postharvest handling in Nigeria”

 Significant volumes of grain in developing countries are lost after harvest, aggravating hunger and resulting in expensive inputs—such as fertilizer, irrigation water, and human labor—being wasted. During postharvest operations, there may be losses of both cereal quantity and quality.” – FAO Report

All these are grave concerns for most smallholder family farmers in most developing countries of the world as their managing their post harvest losses will not only improve their livelihood but the food security of their community or country.

According to the

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About Dr. B. A. USMAN

I started as a field Veterinary officer with the Borno State Ministry of Agriculture and later joined College of Agric, maiduguri as a lecture & a researcher in the Department of Animal Health & Production. I was appointed the Provost of the College In 2003. 2007 I was appointed Hon. Commissioner & Member Borno State Executive Council and later appointed Permanent Secretary with the Borno State Civil Service in 2009. I was the National Facilitator Animal Health, National Programme For Food Security of the Federal Ministry of Agric & Rural Development, Abuja. I'm currently the Director, Veterinary Medicine & Allied Products (VMAP) NAFDAC, Nigeria. I engaged myself in various aspects of the veterinary profession. I'm a practicing Veterinarian & Strong Advocate of #SDGs most especially #SDGs 1, 2, 4 & 5 I founded Sril Group Ltd.
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